Why do guys kiss girls on the forehead when they are not dating?

So my last ex boyfriend, who now has a girlfriend .and has for like a month now. well he kissed me today on the lips and forehead, which I thought was weird, because he has a girlfriend now. but he doesn't know that I know that, at least I don't think.but yet also like a couple months ago I did told him through a text I like him more then friends, but he said he didn't like me this way anymore, but yet when we hung out again for the 1st time since he got his new girlfriend it's like old times again and he still kissed me like old times, and also on my forehead. its like nothing changed between us, and he is moving away like 3 hours away where he normally lives when he is not at school and it was our last day to see each other till maybe this summer .maybe, but what does he probably mean when he kissed my forehead quite a bit and kissed me like he used to quite a bit also? do you think he still has any feelings whatsoever?

Help! Thank You! :)


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  • Hmm

    A lot of mixed messages here. I think that he might not be entirely sure of him being an ex boyfriend and is testing the grounds on how he feels about getting back with you.

    If its not that, even worse, he might be trying to stay close in case he ditches the other girl and wants to keep his options open with you.

    I get the vibe no matter what the reason is, they are bad ones.

    I can't tell you what to do, but from the looks of it, the decision on what to do is clear.

    • Wow, good answer... I like the part about how he "might be trying to stay close IN CASE he ditches the other girl.." Are guys really that fickle??

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  • What's happened since then? (You wrote this five months ago.) Since you posed the question, it'd be nice to know what ACTUALLy happened. We're all just guessing. it'd be nice to know how this one actually panned out. :)

  • He said that he doesn't feel that way anymore...
    I would let him go especially if he has a new gf.

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