Am I just stuck in a friend zone? He flirts, he asks me out and then says he's not sure when?

I've got a friend, and we met at work a while ago. Since we met there was definitely some sort of chemistry between us, even my colleagues were saying that he got a thing for me which I didn't see at the beginning... then he left the company, but we stayed in touch. I had a boyfriend the whole time tho and recently just broke up with him. We hang out with friends quite often, and every time we do he flirts with me, touches me in most simple ways like stroking my arm, massaging my back, gives a hug or blow me a kiss and many more... last weekend I've told him I broke up with my boyfriend and later in the night he asked me out for the first time. However when I've asked him when exactly he had in mind, later in the week he said that the event is on Saturday, but he's thinking that this weekend he's not sure... ? Really confused. We gonna see each other this weekend anyway with our friends... Maybe someone can explain that behaviour to me?


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  • Ok, from your story, he flat out asked you out, but you never really clearly said yes. For sure it is confusing with friends in the picture. Get rid of the friends for now and just go out the two of you. Tell him "YES" you want to go out with him, but only the two of you. Then talk about and plan a date.

    • Well I said: yeah sure, when he asked... but after that I haven't heard from him, so just asked when he had it in mind..
      The thing is im trying to get out without friends, but before I had a boyfriend so wasn't to legit at that moment. The other thing is that he's quite nervous around me, and specially when alone with me. If not those few drinks he probably wouldn't ask...

    • Oh and another thing is that his mate is hitting on me... and im trying to be nice as he's his mate but not really interested. Gosh it sounds like a soup opera haha

  • You're meeting up as a group of friends this weekend so he's not sure if he can find time to make it just the two of you.

    That way you described the last part is confusing.


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