I let her now I moved on she freaked out ?

Chatted this girl who is a friend of a friend few times online, in person we never talked but she seemed quite interested in me with all the stares and looks... etc i chatted her up online and mentioned i would like to get to know her... etc

After few days of talking she didn't respond to a quick simple question i asked so i took that as a no (p. s: she has always been active and never said no to talking to mei n fact she was thrilled about it) so i stopped messaging her.

days passed and two weeks later ( few days ago) i messaged her saying that she should forget whatever i told her and i dont wanna ruin her friendships with my friend, nothing personal but she should just forget it and move on...

I was 100% sure she would say "yeah np i didn't mean to offend you and its okay" but Surprisingly her response was that she freaked out, 3-4 messages within seconds asking me why, whats wrong, and she never meant to do anything like ignore me, and she's really confused and not sure what she did wrong !!

I reassured her its all good but i just felt she was ignoring me and iam not willing to put myself in such a situation, she sworn to god that it was by mistake and she never read my message and didn't think much of it, i told her cool and stopped messaging but she kept messaging me , so naturally i messaged back and we had a fun late night conversation.

what do you think?

p. s: she's pretty hot and i truly like her.


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  • Damn dude what's up with that !! I know you don't think she lives at the computer just waiting for a message to come in , have a little patience here. That in my opinion is the worst part of E communications now a day , everyone want instant gratification ; it's got to be now or never. For all you know she was just busy doing other things and just honestly didn't know the message came in. I understand that if your waiting for a reply it's easy to get impatient or your mind runs to all the worst possible reason that your message isn't being answered , but just kick back and chill. Phone texting as well as the computers are not beyond glitches , I have sent text to people that to this day never came in , I have the proof that I set it on my phone but that just makes for a one sided conversation. This girls seems to like you and it would be a shame to throw away the chance over something so petty

    • when you're talking to girls online , two weeks without a reply is way too much and no one should accept that, she should have opened her messenger and checked her messages, since she is online at least once an hour its quite easy to check whether you got a message or not, iam very deccisive when it comes to girls and dating i've been there and i know what lack of confidence and acting like its all good does, it does nothing but makes the guy upset, i've learnt that you gotta put yourself out there and tell the girl in a bold way that you're not taking her shit, especially if she's someone you know through friends or a friend, you let her know that you're not a toy in her hands, sure maybe that sounded a bit too much but i was honest in every word i said, i never planned to continue anything with her and jsut wanted her to not act awkawrd whenever she's with my friend and iam there, but she actually wanted to continue.

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    • surprisingly it did, my friend (another one) was like "damn you're showing her whos boss ?" when he saw the message i sent her, but it worked, i wasn't even trying tbh

    • I wouldn't count on that to work often dude. But good for you

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