He asked his ex to hang out?

I just found out that the guy I'm dating recently asked his ex to hang out. She'd been wanting to hang out with him and they met for coffee and he told her they should hang out more often. ( I know this because I looked through his phone... I'm horrible I know but still...)

Is he trying to get back with her? What are the chances he JUST wants to be friends with her? They live closer together and I live further away from him so it makes me uncomfortable!


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  • First stop looking in his phone, that's the most wrong thing to do.

    But now that u know, don't be afraid. If u are and don't trust him on this, sorry for asking but why are u together then? In a relationship trust and loyalty should be one of the biggest things that should be provide.

    I know how u feel he asked her, that's not a nice feeling to have, tho that its his ex.

    I don't know what your gonna do its not my choice to make, but I will help you :)

    - The trust -
    Either u trust him that much that much that its only a friend thing, and u sit bag and relax your self. And u let him do his thing, and if u feel like there is something completely wrong. Then u confront him, and u ask him what is going on. U guys tell each other everything and u start with open your self and tell that u checked his phone. Then u go from there and talk this trough.

    - The direct -
    That you guys are that open with each other and you can just go ask him now. and figure this thing out.

    I don't know if these help u or not. but one thing is for sure u should be wasting your time being nervous. You need to face this and be strong. Yeah u looked in his phone, and u guys should either trust each other that u can go do that, without anything happens (sadly not in this case). or that you trust each other that much not to look trough your phones.

    This is only a period u guys need to figure out together or you will have to face and look into and beware of. Like I sed its not me who chose what to do, its your move. Am just trying to help :)

    • should I be upset that he asked her to hang out though? like is that an acceptable thing to do and maybe I'm just overreacting?

    • Like I sed I would not make a choice for u its ur decision sry...
      But my opinion is that u are a bit like u sed overreacting... But thats a normal think I would to if my future girl friend was asking her ex to hang out... But I will trust her 100%, and I am friends with almost all my ex's... So take it easy for now...

      But am sry for the late reply, so if u want future help please update me on the situation :)

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  • Aaah, that is so awkward. I think you need to sleep with one eye open.


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  • You gotta stop this, hanging out doesn't mean that they just want to be friends... It means they want something more...
    I would suggest u to tell him straight to chose u or her coz u dont want to be a part of a love triangle..
    This guy is a dickand devious person... never trust him

    • are you sure? there's like no way he just wants to hang out with her as friends?

    • Lol... Stop deluding your self..
      Obviously he wants to get in her pants and if she is agreeing to it then she wants the same aswell..
      Be clear about it... Talk to him and tell him to chose her or u coz u dont want to be part of a love triangle...
      Walk away from this douchebag, u can do better
      Its utterly disrespectful foor the current partner if u still wana fuck your ex.

  • I'd be livid!!! Ask how he'd like it if it were reversed


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