Is this guy weird or is it just me? Should I keep dating him?

I'm kinda dating this guy I met on Tinder. The first thing is we see each other once a week (because he works late every day) and he always says "okay, have a nice week, we'll speak on...", the day before the date. I'm used to at least chatting a bit in between dates. He does set dates way in advance though, which is nice.

Some other weird things I noticed:
* He's worn the same outfit on all three dates (walk, out to the bar and a home date)
* He never uses tongue when making out
* I told him to call when he got to my place, so I can explain where the front door is (it's kinda complicated) and he agreed. When he got here, he just texted me and said he was sitting on a bench outside my window, Almost creepy...
* He asked what I wanted at the bar, and then he just stood there and didn't order. So I ordered my wine and paid for myself. Very awkward... (he has paid for other things since, but that was weird)
* He does yoga to heighten his sensitivity to things... like food... Okay, I'm used to manly men..
* He does this weird thing when he puts his face between my boobs (clothed) and kinda laughs like a challenged kid... I found it kinda creepy almost

He's BEAUTIFUL to look at - tall, dark, handsome, blue eyes. But I can't get turned on by him because of these things he does, he doesn't seem very confident. The thing is, when we talk it's like I've known him for years. We really click. But these weird things are such a turn off. Am I overreacting?


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe you two would just be better off as friends? And if not, then just end things with the guy, 'cause that combination of things DOES sound really weird, and even creepy, like you said.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, a turn off is a turn off lol. For me personally, if I'm not that invested I would have stopped this already. He might be beautiful and you might click when you TALK in person, but there are all these other factors that would just make me feel kinda off. But just to try and take another side to this..

    1. maybe he thinks it's his best outfit and he wants to look good so he just ends up wearing the same thing
    2. some people just dont like doing that, its personal preference to use tongue or not, and maybe he just isn't at that level of comfort with you yet
    3. he probably doesn't think it's that big of a deal, as a guy he might have just thought that it would be easier for you to come down and get him vs. him trying to find the door himself
    4. happened one time, maybe was just a fluke, though yea it's weird lol
    5. some guys do yoga, my boyfriend is def a manly man but he said he'd do yoga to help with his flexibility because he practices MMA. i dont quite follow the senses hightening thing.. but if he says so that might just be a quirk that you can overlook if it doesn't affect you
    6. if you dont like it, tell him its weird. or ask him why he does that