She has feelings for me but doesn't want a relationship?

I've been dating this girl for a couple weeks and the fort week we hung out like every day she stayed at my house and I've stayed at hers we have hooked up. She told me she wanted to hangout less to focus on herself because she just got out of a 3 year relationship. She was still texting me everyday but if I tried to hangout she would make an excuse. We were still talking in the phone as well. I asked her what she thought and she said she's scared to hangout with me because she knows we are going to end up hooking up and she doesn't want that right now. I told her we should prolly stop texting so she can focus on herself until she's ready. She told me is getting emotionally attached and that is why she is acting like this. So should I just go no contact until she figured out what she wants or keep in touch a little bit or what?

For the record I haven't been needy or anything and if anything she is more attached then I am. She bought me tickets for a comedy show in a week and that was before we had the convo I told her we can still go I'm just trying to think of the best way to get her to want to see me which I'm assuming would be no contact
She also said she has no interest in other guys and she's scared tht she's gonna lose me by making me wait but that if a month down the road Or whenever she's ready she wants to continue and see what happens..


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  • I think you should cut contact.

    Don't count on her to come running back though...
    She knows what she is ready for, and by her actions she's proving it.

    You deserve someone that's ready to be with you.
    She clearly isn't.
    She's only ready for the physical aspect and nothing more.
    You both are not on the same page.

    A couple days, weeks, and months will not even allow you both to be on the same page.
    She really needs time.
    A 3 year relationship is a long one to get over.

    • I mean I still want to be with if possible so I don't want to rule it out I'm just looking for the best way to possibly make her want more I guess so I should just stop talking to her at all?

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  • I think you are missing the subliminal messages.

    I would wager she wants you to keep chasing her. Expecially if she is receptive to conversation and stayes she is refusing other men to you.

    If you want to date her, keep nurturing that emotional connection, and act as a support to her emotional turmoil.

    • But what's the point of chasing her if she's to scared to even hangout with me lol? From my perspective if I back off it will make her realize what she wants quicker then if I keep plying her game of text and talk

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    • Not contact her at all.
      This will lead to her contacting him again with more mixed signals of course.
      He just needs to get away from this altogether

    • @Stacyzee good advice too. Sacrafice the friendship and potential relationship to prevent drama. Might have done the same depending how i feel about the girl.

      Whatever you do, let us know will you? I hope ot works out however it goes