Is she falling for me?

I have a really close female friend who I try and help, and be there for whenever I can. Literally help, care, and do whatever I can, almost like a boyfriend but without the status. Recently, the guy she liked had rejected her, called her a lot of stuff, and so on. I basically spent the whole night making sure she was ok, joking with her and cheering her up. She seemed happy I was there for her and so on. Since then though, she's unlike herself. She seems flirty, is dressing nicely and wears perfume around me. She's "stretching" around me (you know what I mean). She wants to talk to me more, and yea. I used to like her a lot, as more than a friend, but now I have moved past that, I didn't do any of this to win her, I just genuinely wanted to make sure she's ok. Is this just a reaction to her losing him, and seeing me as the next best thing, or whats going on? If so, how should I go about all this?


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  • I'm gonna admit, I got dumped by a guy once and moved on to the guy that helped me get over him. Just treat her as you usually would and it should calm down after a while. If not, make a teasing comment about it and hope she gets the message. Good luck!


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  • One of two things,

    Either she has the hots for you

    Or she is using you to fill her emotional needs reserved for her now absent boyfriend role.

    In my experience, the latter if far more likely.

    • So, what should I do?

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    • Keep as a friend I would say

    • Then stay the course and dont flirt. She will cool off and find someone else.

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  • If you're just an option. Dont go about anything.


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