Why she was interested and took my number then nothing? And am I in love with her or what?

We met accidentally twice in 2 different city's the second time we had eye contact for 10 minutes then I walked to her but I was nervous I said can I talk to you for a while or you don't like but I said it in polite way and was nervous she said ok then I said I like you and want to know you she asked my name and my number I gave it to her then nothing since then it's 3 months and I can't understand why she would take my number then nothing!

And since then I think about her once or twice every week I don't know if I love her but we met for couple minutes.


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  • Stop!
    You are not in love... you are infatuated.
    Please, understand the difference.
    I've had men scare me off within days of getting to know me all because they professed their love to me and never even held a 10 minute convo with me.
    Love takes time to develop.
    You have to go through experiences with the person, know them on a deeper level for it to form.
    You are infatuated with the "thought" of this woman.
    You love the idea of her.
    I'd try to shake myself out of this and move on as quickly as I can.
    If she was as into you, as you are her she would have called you.

    • I keep tell myself maybe she didn't save the number correctly. I think that's waste of time?

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    • Yeah that make sense, thanks

    • No problem :)

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