Would you date someone like this?

I'm gonna be blunt. Lately I've been wondering if my personality is the reason why the guys that I'm interested in never feel the same and after writing out this list I'm starting to see why LOL. Lots of cons and there are prolly more that I forgot to list. Don't think I'll change but open to second opinions
-Tells dumb, corny jokes and then laughs at them
-Socially anxious
-Has a hard time showing positive feelings like love
-Stubborn and tends to think she is right
-Sometimes impatient but it depends on the situation
-Wears sweatpants a lot
-Takes a while to open up to people but is pretty much an open book once she gets used to someone
-Keeps all her feelings bottled up until something small sets off waterworks
-Procrastinator and really good at bsing assignments
-Careless and forgetful
-Gets a kick out of pushing people's buttons sometimes (in a playful way not in a bully kind of way)
-Really slow when being told jokes by others

-Deep thinker and really studious
-Isn't afraid to ask a guys out when she likes him (which is rare cause she usually just thinks of everyone as friends)
-Loves animals and feeds local stray cats from time to time
-Knows 3 programming languages and is a computer science major
-Tries to challenge herself by going to hackathons and forcing herself to work with new people
-Is currently self teaching herself photography to begin freelancing
-Sneaks up to rooftops for pics but has not really found any badass rooftops yet despite living in NYC
-Amateur comic artist (hasn't published yet but will soon on an online platform)
-Tries to volunteer during free time esp. during the summer
-Feminist and doesn't like gender roles/stereotypes
-Doesn't take herself very seriously
-Sarcastic and deadpan sense of humor
-Cares a lot for family and close friends
-Despite all her flaws refuses to change for anyone but herself


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  • I would sneak up on rooftops with you.

    You seem interesting enough and fun enough. Your cons are things lots of girls describe themselves with, or not even really cons.


      As for the rooftop thing, I don't bring people in general LOL they're either scared of heights or I don't trust them enough cause they might give up my secret locations
      Thanks bro :D

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    • Hypothetically speaking, if we both lived in NYC and both somehow met in real life and became friends then I supposed I would invite you to explore rooftops with me
      And I think there are some abandoned train stations here but I've honestly never seen any in person. Most photographers just wait till trains leave the station and hop down on the tracks to take a quick pic. There's still the whole abandoned vibe even though there might be strangers nearby thinking your commuting suicide

    • Yeah I don't know which states DO have a lot of abandoned places.

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  • No, I would not date you. Sorry, I will be honest. You lost me at the sweat pants. Procrastinating, careless and forgetful are total turn offs too. The computer and photography stuff is cool, except for the roof climbing shit. The real killer is your feminist attitude. It is ok to believe in something, but you may be turning off all the guys while you do it.

    • Thanks for your honesty
      It made me think
      And I can defintely see what you mean by the sweatpants and forgetfulness stuff
      By feminist attitude I don't mean I hate men or anything. Those are the types of feminists I avoid. I just think things should be fair for both genders. Women get equal pay, men don't have to worry about being called "unmanly" for something, etc. I feel like there's some kind of connotation with the work feminism that makes some people assume that all feminists hate men and that's completely untrue. Feminist are just people who think so genders should be treated equally so I'm having a hard time seeing how that could be a turn off.

    • I think this example is perfect to assume as soon as you mention the word "feminist" any guy will think the worse and look the other way. I totally agree with you about being fair. I think you should drop the word "feminist" and try something different like, "equalist."

    • Ohhh I see
      So labelling myself a feminist could lead to misunderstandings
      I guess the best thing to do is let people figure it out in their own and just express my views without vocally labelling myself
      Thank you!

  • Fraid its impossible to tell. The worst person to describe yourself is yourself and there are thousands of other things and combination and details that would be only known after we met.

    On a side note, may i see any of your artwork?

    • Maybe one day I'll show people my art when I'm ready
      Whichhhh just reminded me of something else I should add to my list of flaws: keeps artwork/writing/photos to self because doesn't like it enough to show people <- inferiority complex and imposter syndrome I suppose

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    • Nah I'm good a the moment
      My art is really personal to me because it's how I express my feelings

    • Thanks for offering though!

  • Would not date anyone like this based on the last line. Refuses to change for anyone but self. Even if I were of equal age I wouldn't waste my time as there is no future in it

    • I should add selfish to my list of flaws

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    • You're like a source of fatherly advice that I've been missing in my life so thanks!
      And I have a lot of apologizing to do... My parents ya know? They prolly put up with so much crap from me they deserve an award

    • It happens a it that way that the parents and the kids clash. But just trying to be me a better or more mature person will be award they would want

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  • "-Stubborn and tends to think she is right"
    No, because I don't like self-righteous people.

    • I can see what you mean