Girls, Girls about my age is a shaved head on a guy who lost his hair a turn off to you? Could you date him?

Rather recently I opted to just shave it all off, I've been losing it early for awhile now (list hair when I had a reaction to medicine a couple years ago) honestly I don't mind how I look bald, I could be tanner but still pull it off decently I only worry what women my age think, I mean what girl who's 18-19 wants to date a bald guy? And I just really wanted to be married young to an attractive girl my age so just please be honest, I've heard before bald guys had to wait until 30's to really have a shot.

  • Results/older girls
    11% (2)
  • Bald is not a turn off to me, a bald guy is date able to me even young
    53% (10)
  • Bald is a turn off to me I probably wouldn't get past it
    21% (4)
  • Bald is a turn off enough to most young women you'll probably have to wait awhile to date given your standards.
    15% (3)
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I'm a Girl
I am concerned why some seem to think it's an issue for most girls, it's just hair people, I shouldn't expect less simply because follicles closed and I won't! Even if it makes me a lonely old man like bald haters say.
I guess it duplicated my own question? Huh that's weird.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Bald=Tough... my boyfriend shaved his head for a little while. He said how many guys were intimidated by him lol. I think it's kinda sexy... especially if tattoos/leather jacket are added. Does it fit your personality? You could come off as tough, edgy and cool! :)

    • Well I'm a very skinny pale guy haha, I mean my face pulls off bald great etc but no I don't fit the tough guy look at all I'm more the funny guy. And you can see why I shaved my head as the balding pattern shows in the hair roots under the skin 😔 many say I pull it off but it's clear I lost it.

    • Just find a way to make it your own look...:)

    • Well I mean like I said people say I already rock it even skinny and pale.

What Girls Said 10

  • I think you're an attractive lad. I'm not a gorgeous girl tho, so it's not gonna happen.

  • It depends on your face shape.

    • Can I ask which you voted?

      My face is probably my strongest feature so it pulls off bald, I'm more worried about how slender I am since I'm a runner and the fact you can kinda see the bald old guy pattern under the skin in the shadow.

    • Did you vote? I just don't want to have to wait until your age to date at all sorry.

    • I don't usually find it a turn off.

  • You have asked this enough times now. Just stop.

    • You've commented on my questions enough now slandering and saying my standards are too high, just stop.

    • That was the first time I commented on your questions about this. Wtf is wrong with you.

    • This is the third time I've asked in 2 months, so what's wrong with you for hating on the question?

      Don't play internet justice girl.

  • I don't think you're attractive and wouldn't be interested sorry

  • Their's some girls out there who are into weird scary, or what is a turn off to most...

    ehh hem... And Im not traditional beauty, but I am pretty nice to look at ;).

    I like bald guys, I like old guys and I love well, men lol...

    • So you think to most it is a turn off though?

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    • well what ever read my answer in the future when you're not defensive and insecure, that is such a killer. I gave examples, and i like big bald hairy guys, screwed up I know, but what ever. Try gthe grunge look to attract girls and good luck, you'll be more secure as you age hopefully, and i said many timeswhat i liked about bald guys. It looks more mature and baddass to me especially if the dude is sort of hairy. Good lck tho

    • I'd prefer a girl to want me young not because I look old sorry.

  • I'm probably what you are considering old but even when I was 15 I found bald guys attractive. It can be really sexy if you own it. As an adult I actually respect a guy going bald, it's far more attractive then a guy in denial. Embrace the bald, if you are uncomfortable with it then she will be too.

    • I've asked 17 girls out and they've all said no, I've asked respectfully and many enjoyed my company just weren't attracted. Mind you I have very high standards myself I wouldn't lower so these are very attractive young girls, that's the problem, the girls who are attractive all have a lot of options so to then bald is bad no matter what...

      Also which did you vote? I don't really consider you old, I just don't want to have to wait five years to be with a girl since I've never even had a girlfriend really.

    • I just voted for results/ I'm old-lol

  • Here we go again...

    • You mean here you go again. No one else is fussing.

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