Out of girls league and being single for awhile?

https://imgur.com/OiFOVTA ok so was chatting with a girl online she told me to get lost cause I'm ugly. I already have low self esteem. Am I truly as ugly as these women say I am and is my only hope is to get rich one day so a girl will take me for my money

Thanks for opinions


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  • Woah dude calm down girls are trifling just keep doing good and you'll meet for me no one is ugly just be yourself don't worry about girls it's really easy to get a girl were very simple just be funny happy and care free and friendly and they will come make friends and then hop out the friend zone the best relationships start as friends

    • "girl were very simple just be funny happy and care free and friendly and they will come"
      Girls aren't that simple. Standards are obviously much higher than guys. Way too many expectations.

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    • It explains why I have never had a girlfriend

    • @MyUsernameRules well that's the thing the only time a girl will consider me is if I'm a desperate last option

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  • What kind of a thinking is that?

    It's not good that you are getting rejected based on your looks, but then if that bothers you then work on it, even looks can be fixed, at least to an extent.

    Then you say you will get rich one day so that women would want you for your money?

    What is that? so you want to become rich for having women in your life, shallow women? Let's say even if you do get rich, you will have women, but then they would want only your money, they wouldn't want to have a deep committed relationship with you, they won't like you for who you are and such women would be cheap and shallow.

    I mean you want to become rich for all the wrong reasons, just to satisfy your ego or something?

    You must not forget that beauty, appeal, attractiveness is in the eyes of the beholder, one girl may find you ugly but some other girl may think you are good looking.

  • Yeah. I've lost count to how many girls have called me ugly online lol. But don't let that get to know. Just get buff and abs then girls will see you as complete opposite of ugly.

    • Dude I'm already pretty lean and muscular

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    • Nope. But I'm too busy studying overseas in med school. I'll be done soon though. I try to work out but don't have the time or the convenience to stay dedicated.

    • I'm working out but I'm mentally exhausted with this sometimes I just think a girl isn't worth it I mean I like working out but the importance of finding a girl is quickly fading. I don't know if it's due to the depression and frustration I have been facing with this

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