Girls, does she like me or not?

I met this girl a year older than me. She gave her number and talks to me personally. Her best friend told me that she rarely talks with other guys but we had a conversation comfortably and in a fun way. I walked with her to her apartment. She even allows me to go inside and hang out. Her friends and her sister are there too. I asked her out on a movie but she said next time. Will that next time even come? Plus she allows me to call her baby. I sent her a message calling her baby and she sent back a smiley face. But lately, she has not been replying to my texts. by the way, she is back on her hometown so we are far away temporarily. I know she can read my texts because she goes on sometimes on facebook. Help!!! thanks!!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like she does

    • But she does not reply to my facebook messages. I told her something sweet and she says she is speechless. After that, she did not reply even if she was online.

    • Then step back, maybe you're being too forward.

    • Oh yes maybe that's why. Should I just wait for her?

What Girls Said 1

  • She doesn't like you as a boyfriend. That's it cut and dry

    • That's sad. But why do you say so?

    • I will not respond because I have learned that people start an argument. I said what I said I stand by what I said. Except it learn from it analyze it and don't be defensive about it

    • I won't. Just explain why. On what instances on the given situation.

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