Girl I've been dating has gone cold... Advice/Thoughts please?

Will make this as short as possible. Just want to see what others think. Here's the story:

Been dating girl for month. Sex on 2nd date and every date afterwards. There is no problems here. Went on trip about a week ago for business. She stayed at my place night before I left. While I was gone admittedly we talked more than usual. I'd say good morning, she'd say it back.. and a couple more cute exchanges through the days but nothing crazy. I ask to Hang out when I got back but no dice as she was working and then going out of state for weekend. I didn't text again until Monday. Asked her to hang out that night. She said busy again but asked to hang out Tuesday. Texted her Tuesday just before I was about to leave and got back "ugh sorry, something came up :(". I didn't reply to that. Was going to play the no contact rule but figured I would try one more time. Texted her Saturday. Said hey, she was very quick to get back to me. Asked her to hang out and she said her Aunt was in town, her grandfather very sick. Later that day Facebook picture was changed to her and grandfather so that proved legit but later that night her Snapchat was her out with friends. BURN on my end.

I havnt talked to her since. Im playing it cool like I don't care, especially if she needs space. What do you guys think though? She was so into me, told me how much she wanted to see me when I got back and that was on the Friday I came home now she's kind of backed off. I've been going out with other people, keeping busy but she still stays in my head. Was really beginning to like this girl and right when I let my guard down it seems like she may be backing away. Hopefully the NC rule right now works.

I dont one feel as I was coming off needy by asking her to hang out when I got back since we talked about it but if I was coming off that way and she thought it I'm hoping this NC thing brings her back.

-Advice/thoughts greatly appreciated


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  • Lol all these guys commenting how girl is a player if she has sex on a second date. It's so funny! I'll tell you: she liked you at first and then she lost interest. Happens ALL THE TIME. Sex has nothing to do with it. Even if you didn't have sex she would still lose interest. It could be for million reason and sometimes it happen without any reason at all. Just POOF! If she didn't liked you she most certainly would keep seeing you or have sex with you. It just faded out for her. You did nothing wrong, no matter how you acted the outcome would still be the same. It's lame from her part though, to lead you on like this and keep making excuses. Some people just have 0 confidence and wouldn't communicate like adults if their life is on the line. So they just ignore, make excuses or disappear, until you get the point and leave them alone. Just move on, forget about this immature kid.


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  • Mhmm okay here's my advice: walk away. "ugh sorry, something came up :(" is pretty much the most obvious sign that she doesn't want to see you anymore. She is giving you an obvious hint.

    If she gave you sex on the second date and every date afterwards, she gives EVERY guy sex on the second date and every date afterwards. Ergo she has been seeing other guys just like you are seeing other girls (which is always a good idea, I might add, good job!). One of the other guys was likely more of a "fit" and she chose him, and she strung you along in the process.

    The line "easy come easy go" didn't originate from no where.

    I hate admitting it because I love sex but if a girl puts out that easily... it's sort of a red flag, unless you are only looking to hook up of course.

    • Thanks man. I'm pretty good at the game, but started to really get into this girl by all the time we were spending together. Wasn't just sex, but it always ended with her at my house. I should have known somewhat she probably likes to sleep around. She's pretty independent and I found out she was on the 5 year pill the first night we fucked so that honestly should have been a red flag when she let me cream pie her no problem.

      It may sound lame but part of me still wants to hear from this girl. Being used for sex doesn't seem to be a bad thing but I genuinely liked her for once. I am doing my best to forget her. the less I care the better. But like I said, there is a part of me that wants to hear from her

    • Think of it this way: you used her for sex :) In the long run she looks bad, not you

    • Oh and cream pie on the second date? Put 2 notches in your bed post

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  • she is clearly avoiding you for some reason. Don't think about it, live your life, show her that you don't care by uploading photos of you having fun or sth. if she texts you, be cool. Make her chase you. Hope it works out. :)

  • It was just sex now she is stringing you along keeping you for backup. second date and gave it up? Sorry dude there is another guy who she lets cream pie her and go balls deep in her. Move on you don't want something like that. Good that it wasn't that long otherwise you would have gotten your heart broken. Just cream pie another girl.


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  • When a woman decline a date with u... Thats it..
    U walk away from her.
    But u kept asking her out again.. This shows weakness on your part..
    Act like a man of value dude... Dont ever text this girl now.. If she wants to talk to u... she will talk to u
    Most likely, there's another dude in the picture who acts like a man of value and she has to pay the price when she decline a date with him.
    what are the consequences of jerking u around? Nothing
    U keep coming back for more, have some self respect and move on dude

    • This woman is a great sex playmate/fuck buddy,
      But she can never have a long term monogamous relationship with any guy..
      Just have fun with her and move on

  • Just like leave a really loving kind hearted message thats short and sweet telling her if she needs somone to talk to your willing to lend your ears attention if she needs to talk to someone. All you can do is tell her your there and leave it open to her to on wether or not she takes you up on the offer.