Have I done the right thing with him?

My partner is always constantly trying to make me jealous.
Telling me about all these other woman that want him and how much prettier they are.
we had this problem before with him not making me feel special so I left him.
A month ago he came back promising not to do it again and he has.
I've blocked him now off my phone as I can't take it anymore not feeling attractive or good enough and the constant fighting over it.
yesterday I told him I was going away to sort my head out and that I hope he will be ok. He responded "I didn't die all this time without you"
Im thinking of blocking him for a couple of weeks to give us both space and also to make him realise im not tolerating this treatmeant anymore.
he completey takes me for granted and I need time away. Any thoughts?
we have had these issues before and he always comes back to me.
i still love him of course, but I want him to appreciate me and learn that he can't take me for granted anymore.


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  • I would just dump him. He doesn't really care about you so there's no point in prolonging things by taking a break instead of just ending it now

    • I do believe he cares otherwise he wouldn't have paid for me to go on holiday with him and his family... But he does not respect me or my feelings and I want more

    • Tell him to watch 'The Break Up' and say you feel like Jennifer Aniston. :P

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  • It sounds like you want to play games as opposed to getting to the root of why you continue to accept his behavior. Instead of deciding to take a break for a set period of time and teach him a lesson, you should end things, get healthy and realize, he is what he is, you want and deserve more, and he is not, can not and will not be what you deserve in your life. You're beautiful and perfect for someone out there. He's not it.

    • I don't want to play games at all.
      When I left him before that was it untill he turned up at mine with "im sorry I've missed you etc"
      I do love this person very much as hard as it is to understand but I do deserve more

    • Then go get more. He is what he is. Look for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right now. This is just my opinion, someone who's been there.

  • Walk away. It is hard but I let this happen to me and I fell into a state of depression. I was suicidal etc. He done a lot more to me but it isn't worth your pain. Choose yourself and don't go back.

    • I've walked away from him before. This time it's different i feel.
      He's been stressed out about finding a job and im getting the brunt of the anger

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    • Fallback option as in... if you're over a relationship, you move on. He always seems to be looking and comparing you to other girls. If he wants to be with someone else, he should do so, instead of always poking you and making you feel bad. He's not being sensitive to your feelings. But in the end, he knows that you like/love him so when he doesn't get satisfied from other girls, he'll come back to you knowing there's always a chance you'll accept him. If he makes you weak, and you know that once you're together, you'll start fighting and feeling uncomfortable again, then you need to walk out of this relationship altogether. It won't be healthy. I'm sure there would be other guys who would respect you better.

    • thankyou, and I see what your saying.
      I hate it when he does it, but the funny thing is I think he does it due to his own insecurity and to gage my reaction, not because he means it.
      he's a very attractive man (model) and not once have I mentioned his looks to him.
      I believe he acts the way he does as he's from a very male oriented culture (arab) and doesn't like the fact that I have a good job wheras he doesn't.
      I believe he uses these things to try and control me.
      Either way, im so so done. His contstant belittling of me is not fair, and for a long time I felt so ugly like no one would me (which is what HE wants)
      I went out with a guy tonight who made me feel pretty and amazing and made me realise how much better off I am without "him" around.
      Thanks my love x