Crush on a Gapyear Student!!! What do I do?

Hi everyone so pretty much I'm in year 10 and two weeks ago I went on a compulsory 6 days school camp. My group of four boys and two girls (my friend and I) had two male instructors. Over the week I talked to the younger one heaps and he didn't act as though he was older and he'd tell me really inappropriate jokes and teach me to say in German (he's German). Whenever my friend did something kind of annoying we'd just look at eachother and roll our eyes or just laugh and it was actually like we knew exactly what eachother was thinking without saying it. He made heaps of jokes and since camp I've seen him around school heaps. I've talked to him a few times and we always say hi when we see eachother. He's staying in the boarding house and next term I've organised for him to come into my German class. He's really cute and less than three years older than me but I'm not sure if it's right for me to like him. And how could I get him to like me back?


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  • Sounds like he already likes you, but also scared to ask you. Make sure he's not gay, then ask him out, what's the worst that'll happen?


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  • You can't make someone like you but you can show them how interesting you are ask him for his number or better yet give him yours

    • Hey sorry I forgot the password for my proper account but there's still a problem. I'm not really sure if he's considered a teacher or not. Like he was my camp instructor and is now helping teachers in class. Is it legal to be in a relationship with him if he did end up liking me back? And even though we're kind of friends I'm not sure im allowed to get his number like one of my guys friends isn't even allowed to be friends with him on Facebook ( they live in the boarding house together)

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    • @Hayleybrookings101 well.. Where I'm at that would be illegal especially if it's a teacher or teachers aide just figure out what he is and if it's illegal I guess