Why can't I get a date?

lately i can't get a date, i am an old school kinda guy, i like going on dates and calling it that, but girls dont seem interested.
I ask them to go bowling, to get drinks, have breakfast, go on a walk... none of it works.
meeting girls is n problem, getting their number is ok too, but doing something? they always are busy.
I am busy too, but hell, i will make time, and effort to see something happen

I just want to go on a date, thats it. so whats wrong any ideas
I am not ugly by the way lol, i am just an avg 5'10'' guy with dark hair and eyes.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Women are really non committal so I wouldn't waste time with them.

    In RE: to the girl who posted below the only way I would ever hang out with a girl as a friend was if I intended to only be friends with her. If they can't make up their minds and decide what they want they have no value anyway.


What Girls Said 1

  • Try not being so forward about it ask her to hang out like friends not like a date


What Guys Said 1

  • you probably are dating too young

    • girls around 18-21 mostly... They need to stop playing games </3

    • they just don't prioritize guys since they are the golden age for their gender. thems prime college years as well. if you do find a girl you like in that age group hold on to her best you can

    • Thanks for the advice, i will definitely try too hold on lol

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