What's the longest amount of time that has passed in your life without a single woman finding you attractive?

In a purely physical sense, my standards when it comes to women are that I'm not attracted to women who are obese. Outside of this specific, I often find myself having a very "open type" where I find myself naturally attracted to women with all different types of figures in a purely physical sense.

Over the past six years of my life, I've met endless amounts of women who fit the above standard who I've found physically attractive, however, I haven't met a woman who fits in to this category who perceives me to be attractive in this time. I've had no dating, physical or sexual encounters with women in six years.

Men of Girls Ask Guys, what's the longest period of time that has elapsed in your life where women you perceive to be attractive in a purely physical sense haven't perceived you to be attractive?


What Girls Said 1

  • How the hell are they supposed to know? Most people do not voice the attraction they have for other human-beings.

    • The women who I meet? I make it obvious to them that I'm attracted to them.

What Guys Said 1

  • 19 years unless my mom counts lol