Is sex so powerful for a woman?

A super gorgeous girl , super rich girl who doesn't use to give a shit to me, i use to chase her and run behind her like her butler.
Somehow, i got her into bed just 1 time, and after that she is like "i love u baby" lol.
I just want to know, is sex so important for a woman and so powerful that the girl becomes needy and clingy to the guy to such an extent?

  • If you can give good sex to a woman, she will become clingy and will be all over your ass.
  • Nah, sex is not important for a woman. Her behaviour won't change before or after sex, she will be the same.
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  • Girls are more emotional. So therefore they will cling on to sex like its love rather than lust

  • Many girls find themselves more emotionally attached to the person after sex.

  • Every female is different. I don't see myself ever sleeping with anyone unless I'm in a committed relationship with that person. I'm assuming you must be great in bed in order to change her mind that quick? Lol either way, that's a win for you, right?


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