Guys, Why would some men sabatoge a potential great relationship?

Fellas if you are seeing a female that understands you at your best and your worst. That you feel comfortable opening up too. That doesn't flinch at your not so glamourous job. That just gets you. The girl that you want to message when you wake up and talk to before you sleep..

Why would you halt that, pick an unnecessary fight... or basically sabatoge what could be?


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  • Don't know what you're talking about, because girls like that (at least on the surface) are keepers. Their interest and understanding shows they actually care to stick around, so no reason to sabotage that.

    • I feel this guy is sabatoging things.
      He had an abandoned past. And everything was going great... i never brought up a title or anything. Just mentioned gettinf together and his reponse was "i dont know what i want in regards to a relationship". I asked him if he felt i was trying to lock him into a relationship and he said "not at all"... i told him i was confused where this came from.

      He just seems like he is trying to kill it.