Is it a good idea to give up on romantic love?

I realized even with a total of rejection by 66 girls, that I was actually scared to be love. And scared to love. I act ridiculous with my crazy rules and stuff. Not accepting the normal way. I can't move on from a girl that rejected me, I have to act like it's whatever with no effort asking a girl to be my girlfriend. I can't handle a girl that rejected me trying to help me find someone, I can't help it when she find someone in a week or 3 other than me. Till now, I just want to have one like everyone else. But sadly, I was never given a chance (but now I glad I did). So by my giving up on love, I'm saving the girl trouble of going to get me. It's best I stop dating forever (within reason) so I can be happy bachelor all by myself.


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  • You should stop dating because you are clearly not capable of being a healthy relationship the way that you currently are.

    "I act ridiculous with my crazy rules and stuff."
    This sounds like a big red flag. What exactly does "crazy rules and stuff" mean?

    " I can't handle a girl that rejected me"
    I get it, rejection sucks. You need to work on not letting it destroy you emotionally. It's normal that not all the people you are interested in are going to be interested in you. If someone turns you don't it doesn't mean you lost a chance at a great romance. It means there was never any chance for romance there to begin with.

    • There are old people who gave up on love. Why can't I? As in they never had someone

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    • I know but I'm head strong and stubborn. 9 times out of 10, I will probably do this

    • You can change your pattern of behavior. Start analyzing your thoughts and actions. Do you actually think you will be happier rejecting romantic love? Or is this just a reflex from getting burned by it? What problems of your past experiences have just been the result of simply not meeting the right person? What parts are the result of problems caused by your behavior?

      It's foolish and short sighted to stick with something that may cause you unhappiness in the long run just because you are too stubborn to admit that you were wrong or that you need to change.

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  • You are lucky to have discovered this so young. Most women aren't worth it these days. They are busy sleeping with the top tier guys until they hit their 30s and then settle down with the poor sap that they rejected when they were younger (the guy who is responsible and has a good job). They won't sleep with that guy nearly as much, and they'll use sex as a weapon in the relationship.

    Walk away from women. It will be better for you in the long run. Get a nice job and build up wealth. In your 30s and 40s you'll have plenty of time to sleep with YOUNGER women. Don't even give women your age the time of day then. They made their bed, they can sleep in it.