Is he a dangerous? why go for ME?

This guy who I'm dating (I guess you would call it dating) but I'm not that interested in (thought I'd give him a chance) has really surprised me about what he's actually like. At first I though the was just a nice, innocent guy but when we started going out together he began telling me about all his ex girlfriends. He's had about 12 in the last year, most of whom were with him when he was flirting with me. I was walking through town the other day with him and one of his ex girlfriends passed us, her face turning into a very unhappy expression and she later sent me a friend request on Facebook.
From what I can tell about half of the women I know are after him but for some strange reason he's been pursuing me instead but I'm a shy little thing and I was never in with the popular crowd (maybe it's a cat and mouse sort of game going on?).

He also told me about all the fights he's had with old friends (he is extremely popular, we were stopped at least 5 times by these buff, dodgy looking guys asking who I am) and random guys he's pissed off. When we were getting something to eat, this guy came in who he has been telling me about before and they both started giving each other angry stares, I thought he was about to say something to him.

He reminds me of John Travolta from Grease and he wears leather too.

I' genuinely worried that he's going to end up getting knifed in an alley or something because he just can't seem to resist standing up to groups of guys who are bigger than him.


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  • Consider the probability of him doing the game with you: just another trophy on the shelf.

    He seems to be the baddass guy, the ladies man, blabla.

    Think about what you want and if it is worthy enough to stay with him. Do you want just a fling? Or a long lasting relationship? Can you see you and him in the future together? Or could you see yourself just like that ex with a bad expression on her face about him?

    Love yourself, make some reflection about this, don't give yourself away too easily to anyone, specially to the "hunter wolf" kind. Just my 2 cents.


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