Why would he send heart emoji's to other girls?

Okay let me start of with a little background story. Me and this guy really hit it off about 3 momths ago. Started talking everyday and just hanging out a lot. We like eachother (he told me he likes me). But he never sends any emoji's back or anything which is fine too. But then I see him sending hearts and kissy-faces to other girls... I'm NOT jealous cause i know he likes me but i find it odd.. what do you think?
P. s. I'm 17 atm


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  • Well it could be that he is just flirting or , he could be playing his cards, tryna see if he can get lucky with other girls, maybe for sex. However, he may know that he has you and won't necessarily have to try as hard. Dont panic tho, thats just my opinion but do keep an eye on him.

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