How do I know if this guy is just being nice or if he is BORED?

I've been talking to this online guy in my city. We mutually liked each other on an app. I messaged him first. After a few days he asked for my number. We been talking back to back for a week and a few days. Two days he used to message me saying " Hey you!" however recently he addressed me by my name. I didn't think he would know my name because of other girls he may be talking to. Anyways, I would ask him how his day is, sometimes he would ask me how his day is. I do most of the initiating. Only other time he did was replying and finishing our convo stating he fell asleep. Recently I've been feeling that I bore him. So I slowed down my texting a bit. Still tried to sound enthusiastic while talking to him though. Today I texted him saying " Have a nice Saturday" he just replies " Thank you. You as well." Did I bore him that much? If he was uninterested why would he keep replying? I like talking to him but his texting can be dry sometimes. He says he is an introvert but goes out sometimes. I dont want to seem like im too much. I already double texted him once. I don't want to bother him. We've never talked about meeting up yet. How can I see if he ever wants to meet? This is the first time I've tried the persistent way. Usually- if I feel a guy doesn't want to talk I never text them and then I never hear from them again. For this guy, I'm scared I won't hear from him again. What should I do?

  • Double text him again. Who cares.
  • Wait a few days to see if he will text you
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  • There comes a point when we don't know what to talk about anymore. You have to find new subjects or maybe you guys could meet and try to do something together? He might be getting bored but not because of you. You guys just need something new.

    • I dont think he wants to meet. I tried saying " I should take you here" or " You should try this place" in hopes he would say yeah we should hang out there, but he doesn't. I think he's just bored... and needs someone to talk to? I don't know. Before when I first met him he said he wanted to meet my dogs but that was it. Not sure if this is going anywhere. Which sucks because I like talking to him and his introvertedness.

    • Well. If you think you are losing him, why not ask him frankly what's going on and where he thinks this is heading? It can't be worse than losing him anyway no?

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  • You're way too available. You need to play a little hard to get. Don't text him first. Let him be the one who reaches out to you. Don't invite him out. If he wants to hang out he'll say it. In the meantime, put your energy into someone who is excited to talk to you instead of someone who is lukewarm. You deserve someone that really wants to be with you!


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  • Be patient and give it time. I dont think you bore him as he is still messaging and people fall asleep quick sometimes due to lots of activities in the day etc.

  • give him time