Would you date or be in a relationship with him?

I met this guy at a coffee shop last month. He was sitting at the table across from mine, studying. I spilled my coffee, he got up and helped me clean it. Then he invited me to sit with him since they needed to clean my table.
We chatted for a bit. He told me that he was studying for the medical school admission test. Over the past month, we have gotten to know each other a lot more. He's a really nice guy. He's family oriented, cares about his friends, mentioned that he would always put his girlfriend and career at the top of his list of priorities, etc.
There's one thing that has been bothering me about him. He's 24 (I'm 23, age on here is wrong lol) and living with his parents. I think he noticed that I was a little put off by this. So he explained that he's living with them so that he could focus on getting into a good medical school, and offsetting the cost to attend medical school (around $250,000 or more). He also helps his father with his company, so it's easier to just be around.
He wants his own place, but knows that it isn't an option now. Am I being shallow? Or is this a red flag? He is actually very independent. He can cook, does his own laundry, handy around the house, and more.


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  • Totally not a red flag, he seems down to earth and a very sensible guy, however med school is tough, there will be long hours ahead for him and many a night when you won't get to see him, he'll be working 12 hour shifts and not have much time for you to be honest, yet if he gets into a decent hospital or clinic he probably will work a regular shift then and have more time for you. If you can handle all that, go for it, if not maybe consider someone else. You seem to have a good match in values, make sure though that your needs and his are both met so that there isn't any future resentment created.

    • Thank you! I read all about medical school. I have a family member who attended. He carried around a "work phone." That thing went off every few hours. I think it's something I can live with.

    • Good, glad you know up front what you'll be getting yourself into, it's a lot like being married or dating a person in the military. Those long deployments can try a person's loyalty.

    • Thank you for MHO!! :)

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  • I don't think that that's a red flag. He seems very sensible.

    • Thank you. I think he's just trying to maximize his chances of being successful.

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  • Do you happen to live in an expensive af city tho, like NYC/SF/Chicago?

    • We live in Orange County, Southern CA. So yeah, rent is pretty high here.

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    • Yeah it's incredible here. But things are just more expensive!

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  • Yes, you are being very shallow. He gave you a clear cut explanation. And it's not like it's super uncommon for twenty something's go live with their parents.