How do I tell him I'm leaving?

I'm in a huge predicament guys. I just found out I got into my dream grad school halfway across the country and I'm so excited to go! However, I've also been dating a really amazing guy for the past six months and I'm starting to have really strong feelings for him. And I think he feels the same way about me. The minute I found out I got into school, I was immediately sad because I hadn't really pieced together what moving away means in terms of this relationship I started. When I first started applying for schools, we hadn't known each other, so I didn't factor it in. I've talked to him about going to grad school, and how that's something I'm excited about, but I don't think I've done the best job explaining how serious I am about it. I start classes in four months. Way sooner than I anticipated. I feel awful telling him-peace out and I'm leaving in a few months. I really, really like him and I don't know how to handle this. I know I shouldn't decline grad school for a six month relationship, but at the same time, I would absolutely love to see where this relationship goes.
What would you guys do?


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  • Go to your school. He should understand


What Girls Said 2

  • just talk to him. be honest about it. until you two talk about it, how will you know what it means for your relationship?

    maybe you guys can attempt LDR. but... you have to tell him first. and tell him everything you told us.

    • That's very true, thank you.

  • if he's the one , if he really cares about you and have strong feelings about you.. he'll wait for you.
    he would be more than happy knowing that his girlfriend will be SOMEBODY in this life , he will be proud of you.
    at the start of course he'll get sad because who wouldn't? knowing that your girlfriend/boyfriend is going to be away from you?
    but with time he will be happy for you and that doesn't mean that you two won't ever see each other again right? that's the reason that social medias are made :)
    good luck

    • That made me feel so much better. Thanks girl. :)

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