I feel pressured to be in a relationship and my self esteem is terrible.. Help?

My older siblings (4) all are in a relationships, as well as my 2 years younger sister. I feel like I'm being pressured to be in a relationship but I feel like I'm not ready or not good enough for anyone so I just stay away from potential guys, one guy I think either likes me or is making fun of me.. I never said anything, neither did he.. I have awful self esteem so that's the reason I stay away.
My family never said anything to me but I'm 18 and never had a relationship, i turned down a few people over the years bc I thought I was never good enough and thanks to my idiot crush that I think Is making fun of me.. Who of which I still hold on to. I think it's all a joke most of the time, again thanks to my terrible self esteem.
I just feel so pressured and depressed that I've never been in a relationship or have a good self esteem. What can I do to help this? It's driving me crazy!


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  • It's fine the more you'll think the more it'll get worse
    So just chill
    And be awesome
    Guys will be crazy for you 😉


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  • just stop pressuring yourself to be in a relationship just because your siblings are. you're not ready yet , a relationship should be with to persons who trust themselves and eachother and you can't trust someone when you don't trust yourself. for this problem i would say that you should work more on yourself, for yourself , by yourself. and when you're confident enough with yourself then i think its the right time to date. i used to be like this to you know? i was so insecure but a boy got along that he burned all my insecurities making me feel better for myself , yet im in a relationship. first trust and love yourself second trust and love someone else. good luck :) <3