Lost his sex drive?

I've been having a great relationship with this guy for awhile and we've always been very physically intimate, and that's been a big part of our relationship. Consistently, for months and months. Recently though, he seems like hasn't been in the mood. I have to start everything and sometimes I'm unsuccessful, which has never happened for us before. Whenever I try to get things going, he just pulls my head and starts kissing me slowly and then starts to cuddle. And I'm left really confused. Does he just not want sex anymore?


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  • a few possibilities here:

    -he's stressed or sick;
    -he's on medication that affects his sex drive;
    -he's in the closet;
    -he's getting sexy time somewhere else.

    it's a delicate subject, but you can talk about it in terms of health without bruising his ego. maybe say something non-judgmental, like, "i know we haven't done it as much as we used to, but i miss feeling close to you. is everything okay?"

    (this keeps the focus on your feelings, rather than on him, and shows that you are concerned.)

    good luck!