Is He Lose Interest?

Is He Lose Interest? We just start talking for almost a week and the first time we talked was when I got rejected by other guy and he was there for me and he told me I deserve better. And we start talking more he said he find me cute, pretty and kind and (he is a few years older, 3 years older) and he said it is a perfect age gap. And we have a lot in common. And the other day he texted me about this person he also talk to and he said like that person is always talk about themselves and he wish that person were more like me. And a few days ago he start to take longer to reply text so I ask him "what does it mean when a guy takes forever to reply a text?" and he said "it depends on a lot of things and how he feels about you" and I said "okay how was your day?" and he replied "it was good thanks!" and that's it he usually ask me how my day was and send me long messages. What do i do now? Did I do something wrong? :(


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  • He's probably moved on honey men get scared sometimes or uninterested bc you give to much attention. It's stupid but some "men" are boys who like to play games

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