Girls, under 24 can a completely bald guy your age be PHYSICALLY attractive to you?

Figure he shaves from hairlosd or something. I shave mine, have to, then seen all the stuff on here and while you girls have ripped on the guys repeating it you've also told them it's an awful trait that disgusts girls etc.. so I mean I get why guys are nervous. Be honest, I go by looks, most people do. Just answer honestly.

  • Yes, I've found/can find a young bald guy very physically attractive
    65% (13)
  • No, hair matters enough I don't find bald guys attractive
    20% (4)
  • Bald is a deal breaker for most young women period
    15% (3)
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I don't understand why bald is such an issue to so many.
Keep in mind there is a light shadow showing the old guy bald pattern on my head. While its shaved the follicles still show the hair loss, it's not super dark like some guys but I'm pale so it's definitely noticeable


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  • Where the if he looks good bald I'll like it option?

      There's a question with pics of me, if you think I pull it. There is the dark shadow clearly still showing the old guy pattern I worry about, however other than that I think I rock no hair.

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    • I would never for myself either, and I wasn't advocating that you should lol. I was just offering an explanation for why it might seem like other people are doing better than you. I know for me until I started dating I didn't realize lots of the people who could bag everyone were really kind of jumping every opportunity, you get what I mean right? And I realized I had had opportunities but I wasn't interested back so I never saw it like that.

      Mainly my point is it's totally normal to still be looking right now lol.

    • Alright I respect that. Sorry I mistakes you for one of those social justice 'looks don't matter people' haha

      Look I get no hair isn't a preference to most but given how I pull it off so you think it'll cause me too many problems? As in not a deal breaker to attractive girls etc? At least a decent margin?

  • been crushing on my 42 y/o gay English teacher for 2 years now

    he's sooo hot

    • Haha, spa young guy with no hair is too?

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      shit, you made me laugh so much XD omg

    • Seriously though to me an8 as you gave is great so thanks! Haha

  • Looks matter to me, and hair is something I really look for on guys but in saying that, I've found bald men attractive. Depends on the rest of your facial features and body too.

    • So basically your saying the only way a guy can be attractive bald is if he is model worthy?

      Also you wouldn't date a bald guy then I take it? Be honest, chances are I wouldn't dare you either haha. I mean that to invite honesty.

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      There's a pic of me in the link. I'm only 20 mind you and want to date girls younger than me and be married mid 20's which is why I worry. Just be honest if you think I'll have to wait awhile to date or even like30's tell me. I want to know what I face.

    • Also which did you vote? As you sound kinda pro bald and against too.

  • As long as he looks manly

    • Manly? That term stretches a lot of ground, I'm slender, very slender and I'm pale but my face works wonders bald, pulls it off etc. I take it the small frame would turn you off?

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    • So the shadow wouldn't bug you? It's where you can see like a shadow under the skin and it shows the dreaded old guy horseshoe pattern under my skin lightly...

    • I just worry because I have high standards myself looks included. And I just feel like a very attractive young girl wouldn't choose the bald guy. I feel like I'll only attract plain or unattractive looking girls. I don't say any of this to be mean just my honest opinion, and don't take it personal either, I've never seen you so don't think I'm saying you're unattractive etc. it's just looks do factor a lot for me, true if she's a bitch its a no, but personality can't win me over either, she needs to be physically attractive. My musts are 1: slender- I like very skinny slender or in shape girls, 2-gorgeous face: self explanatory.

      I hope you don't call me shallow like some but that's just my honest take on what I need, that'll never change and I think everyone is entitled to looks mattering a lot. I just worry no attractive girl my age would find me attractive..😔

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