Can a girl say I Love you first?

We've been together for almost 3 months and we haven't said i love you yet. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I'm sure that what I feel for him is love and I know that I mean the world to him. So is it a good idea to say it first?
guys, how would you feel if the girl said it first? Would it be easier for you?


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  • Ohmygawd no! Don't do it! The Earth will rotate off it's axis and spin uncontrollable into outer space and possibly into a dark hole. Heck, that's what Stephen Hawking says, just ask him if you don't believe me!

    It's just as dangerous as entering "Google" into Google!

    All jokes aside, of course a girl can tell a guy she loves him first. And just as when girls approach us guys first (luckily some girls are actually entering into the 21st century and going after what they want *shocking*), it takes pressure off us.


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  • Yes, girls can say it first. There's no gender requirement for things like that. If you love him then tell him.