This guy I work with sends mixed signals to me and I don't know how to handle it because men are hard to get?

Ok so this guy I work with is actually my supervisor. I know, I know... the working etiquette of our society today looks down on boss-staff relationship. But the thing is, I just want to know if he even likes me or i'm just overacting on his acts. We have an age gap of 2 years.

1.) Let me get this straight first- he scolds me- hard at times. Not that he yells at me but he sometimes raise his voice a little when he becomes frustrated (i'm kind of a pushy staff lol)

2.) He has asked me out twice which went this way:
- "Well, if you really want that Starbucks then we'd have to have a date this Sunday"
- "Do you drink? Ummm... do you want to come with me because I'm meeting up with my high school friends"
*Both times were rejected because he seemed kidding*

3.) He gets annoyed at me when I don't talk to him or approach him in the morning. Or if I talk to the other engineers and not to him

4.) He has complimented my looks a few times but most are like just noticing about small details

5.) He often talks about his family to me.

6.) He often places his arm on the back of my chair when we're sitting

7.) There was an all-male outing at the office and another officemate invited me. This guy did everything within his power just for me to not come (which annoyed the hell out of me)

8.) He remembers details like how I don't like coconut milk etc.

9.) When I was looking for a place to rent, he offered if we could be roomies. Just the 2 of us.

10.) He tells me his secrets.

11.) He brags about stuff but then says "I'm sorry if I seem to be bragging but I feel like there's no one I can talk to about these things than you"

12.) He mentions his ex to me (not that he tells stories, more like bragging)

13.) he's touchy. not in a disgusting way. more like elbows, arms etc.

14.) he wants me to know his email password, computer password- damn even his salary.



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  • Of course he does, but your rejection of him will lead him to move on eventually


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  • It's possible he likes you. It's possible he wants to be your friend. But if you reject him he might fire you, also what if you do do something with him and it ends bad he still will fire you. Is your job more important or do you want to see how it works out and face the consequences. At the end of the day it's your decision. Supervisors are going to be assertive that's their job. But it might just be best to talk to him about outside of work.

    • he can't fire me- he's not a manager. the place i work with isn't even "corporate" if you will. so i don't know.. the reason why I asked the question was to understand if I was being shallow or just overreacting lol

    • You're not overreacting