She seems really flaky over text, but is great in person?

I've been going out with this girl for about 3 months now. I've met her family, and all of her friends know about me because they have taken her phone and snapchatted me from it. She lives about 2 hours away which makes seeing her a bit difficult, but every time we do see each other or go out it goes really well. But after each date she goes distant and it makes me very self conscious about if things are actually going well. We hung out yesterday and she had to leave to go back home. Before she left, we made out a bit and she gave me a huge hug after and another kiss. And she texted me immediately after asking a question, but then I didn't hear anything the rest of the night. I know she went out because she posted a ton of pictures and videos on her snapchat story, but she didn't send any to me (which is something she does when she goes out, I think she only posts to her story if she is going to be posting a lot like that).

But it just makes me feel nervous when I don't hear from her the rest of the night at all. I didn't text her again after I didn't get a response because I don't want to be clingy or seem controlling or anything. I am completely fine with her going out but this has been happening pretty much since we started seeing each other. She may just be trying to not bother me and doing the same thing I am. It's not a trust thing, I do trust her. I just find it strange that she is so flaky with texting sometimes. Sometimes it will take hours to respond, and that's after she has opened snapchats and stuff from me in the mean time. Girls, are you like this at all with a guy you're interested in? How should I handle the situation?

Also, I texted her yesterday after the date saying "I'm glad I got to see you today" and she texted back a couple hours later with "it was fun :)". I am probably reading way too much into that, I was hoping for a little bit of a similar response. I don't know


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  • Stop initiating with her. Allow her to initiate as well. You probably text her every day and she is starting to get bored.


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