Why hasn't he text?

I was messaging this guy who seemed really nice and into me. I met him last night and we had a one night stand I think we both knew that would end up happening.
The thing is he hasn't bothered getting in contact with me since. I'm aware that it was a one night stand and that's what happens, but I'm just shocked and a bit upset that I ain't even had a text. I get told I'm beautiful a lot (even though I can't see it!) I also think I have a good personality. He was ok looking not amazing or anything!
So why would he not be in contact? I feel like I've done something Wrong or he's not attracted to me.

I did text him lastnight just saying thanks for the lift home and did he enjoy?
He replied saying yeh he really enjoyed and asked if I did too
I said yes and asked him what time he's working until and he didn't reply!! So he obviously doesn't want to know!!


What Guys Said 1

  • It's not that you've done anything wrong, don't assume that. A lot of people will put the burden on themselves thinking it's their fault a person didn't like them... What you should do is you should contact him yourself!
    Judging from his response you should be able to tell if he likes you or not. Don't beat yourself if he doesn't, it's not your fault... He wasn't the right person for you and you weren't the right person for him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Have you contacted him? He might be thinking the same.
    Iv done something similar and i messged him he was like oh where you have been mrs not text a lot haha. I thought wow we both must of been thinking the same thing. Thing is with him is he wanted me to chase him and tell him how much i liked him all the time so i gave up as i still didn't know if he was actually interested in me