Girls, What type of guy would you want to date (appearance-wise)?

I've been thinking about changing my style but I'm curious what girls like most... Even though I think I already know.

  • Short hair/completely shaven (or light stubble)
    57% (8)
  • Short hair/beard (small or big)
    7% (1)
  • Long hair/shaven (or light stubble)
    21% (3)
  • Long hair/beard (small or big)
    15% (2)
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  • I chose A

    • That's probably going to be the most popular option by the end of this.

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    • No, it most likely will be...

      If the same type of question was posted but asking guys what they find more attractive- a girl with long hair or short hair - the majority is going to be long.

    • Thank you for MHO!

What Girls Said 1

  • Short hair and stubble, or short hair and small beard. I especially like a stubble

    • I'll try medium hair with stubble maybe... I don't know, whatever happens at barbershop - happens.

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