How do you choose between two people your seeing?

I've been casually dating two guys, both are great in thier own ways. I met them through online dating. So talked to both a lot before meeting and they both asked for a date very close together so I agreed to both. I would like to point out I am NOT sleeping with either. It's only been a few dates for each guy but I don't feel right about seeing both but I don't know how to choose which one to focus my time on.

Advice would be great


What Guys Said 1

  • If you are thinking on making your choice a LTR obviously you would want to choose the one that is a like minded guy. Shares your believefs and you find comparability with

    • I share the same believefs with both and I get along with both well. Both are attractive. The main difference is where they are at in life. One is in the military he just finished his training. The other is saving up to go to college. I'm in college now so it really doesn't make a difference to me for that part.

    • It would almost be a given that one has more positives than the other. And of coarse one would have more cons than the other

What Girls Said 2

  • Don't pick him if he was too full on early on (eg telling u he really really likes u already just after a few dates or constantly texting or calling to the point that its actually little much).
    Don't pick him if he slags off his exes or calls other women anything nasty.
    Don't pick him if he is rude to waiters/waitresses/shop assistants.
    Don't pick him if he blows hot and cold because he'll probably lose interest after a little more time has passed.
    Don't pick him if there's anything about him that you think would really start to grate on u if you were around it 24/7.
    Don't pick him if he doesn't seem to want you to meet his friends or never wants to go out.

  • Two of them are different , hence they wpuld have different qualities. Just choose the one that seems to fit into what you are looking for or can fit in with what you have planned for the future.