Baby or Not? Because I'm dying soon?

Well I developed ckd (kidney disease) and I don't really have the cash for dialysis so I can't have any treatment... its bot in the bad stages at yet but... it'll get there... my girlfriend is obsessed over babies and wants one and so do I but.. I'm not working... she lives with her parents... they're nice folks... well very nice... so what should I do? :( :( :(...


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  • If you aren't going to be around to raise the child then I guess its a little selfish to have one. If your girlfriend is young then she has plenty of time in the distant future to have kids and shouldn't be putting pressure on you now, knowing its a tough time in your life. Not to mention, do u really think the parents want to add a child to the household when its dad isn't going to be about to support it and they'll probably have to considerably contribute? I think its clearly a difficult time for you and adding a kid to the mix is probably a bad move.

  • This is something you need to think logically about. Think about how it will be for your girlfriend and your child if you ever pass. Are they going to be well off and financially stable with you gone?


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