WTH... She deactivated it, why?

she's a friends friend, met her at her work place (small resurant) never talked in person but chatted online for a week, she had an ex bfs but they broke up months ago, i expressed an interest in her and she was happy, she ignored me once and i told her to forget about it and i dont want any awkawrd situations at her work, but she swore it was by mistake and she did not mean anything like that, we continued chatting and everything was going smoothly, she was obviously into me and things were flowing nicely until yesterday... we had a long fun conversation (nothing offensive was said just joking and cute pics) then i sent a message , she didn't reply for like an hour ( she had told me her battery is dying and she needs a charger ) then few mins after that hour passed and i got the " you can't reply to this conversation" i tried searching her name, but nothing i clicked on it and it said the account was deactivated... after 3 weeks of talking... wtf?


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  • i think she may have her own problems like everyone does , and she didn't want to spent anymore time in that social media and deactivated it to get back to her own life and solve the problems and activate it again

  • Could be a couple things
    1. She was too busy
    2. She wasn't ready to open up to anyone
    3. You were making her feel pressured and uncomfortable

    No offense but I think 3 is most likely. I've had that happen many times on here.


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