Did my hot pants do the trick, or is he not over me? C'mon guys🙄?

I wanna know. We ended on bad terms. But last night I was in his workplace (supermarket) getting groceries. Recently he's been doing nightshifts so there was no chance of me running into him.

However that one night he was there. And I happened to be wearing hot pants and tights. He caught my eye, we smiled over to each other a little. Then he moved closer to where I was collecting my shopping. He instantly asked how I was and we began talking.

I told him about my promotion at work and going back to university. He was really congratulatory towards me and told me I deserved to celebrate. He made direct eye contact with me and seemed happy for me.

Then, he was telling me a bit about his life. He told me about his band recording a new album... and even let me hear one of the songs. Which he hadn't done in a long time.

He then started telling me he was going to a cabin with his friend... and added in that his friends girlfriend was going and her friends too. He told me his friend was wanting to try and set him up with one of the girls, but he made it explicitly clear that he wasn't interested in any of them at all. Which, I guess I already knew.

There was even a point where he was joking with me and he actually winked at me. After speaking for a whole half hour, I went home. He congratulated me once again on my new job and said 'I'll see you later'.

At that, I left the shop. I looked back to see if he was looking at me, and he caught my eye.

In the middle of the morning, he posted a status on Facebook heavily referring to the conversation we had about him going to the cabin. It was a joke-reference. Nobody would have understood it... apart from him and I. So, nobody else liked the status.

either way, it made me wonder if he's finally trying to be a friend or if he's not over me? It's been a whole year... but we argued a lot after we split and it was kinda rough. What do you think?

  • Sounds like he still has feelings
  • Sounds like he's over ya
  • I can't tell
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  • doesn't really tell me anything about how he feels; he was interested in your life and friendly enough so he could be, though maybe he's ashamed of how he acted when you were together and was trying to be friendly. Probably the biggest hint there is that he mentioned other girls and how he wasn't interested in them, which might not necessarily mean anything anyway

    • I know! He's not one to talk about feelings. I think we should both be ashamed of ourselves to be honest. As for the other girls... he only mentioned his friend to me at first and then I asked if there was anyone else and that's when he told me about his friend's girlfriend and her friends too. So adding the bit about not being interested in the other girls seemed unnecessary.

      Either way, when I say we ended badly... I mean, we ended badly. So basically, I can't figure out if he's ok with talking to me because he's completely over me or if he's talking to me because he's still kinda attached to me. He's a closed book, and I don't wanna ask him questions like this since we've just started taking again.

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  • I'd say it was less the hot pants and more the your getting a promotion.

    • Well. Yeah. He just generally doesn't show that much interest which is why I'm confused.

    • Sometimes you just have to brush things off and not worry about the whys. Exes are exes for a reason right?

    • Ok, good point.

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