Will he ever get back to me?

I met a guy 2 months ago, we met up, sent flirty text messages, but last Thursday he said he'd meet me and never showed up, he took his time sending me a text saying 'sorry I can't make it'. It was disappointing so I didn't reply on Thurs, or Fri (when he said again, sorry I couldn't make it last night). I also didn't reply on Monday when he sent another text, because I saw that he'd been flirting and sending dirty messages to another girl on Facebook. Anyway, I can't stop thinking about him, he was really nice, I know he's a flirt but I'm wondering whether I was silly cutting it off, maybe if I'd given it a chance something might have happened. Do you think I'll ever hear back from him again, or have I ruined it for good.


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  • I don't think you should bother with him, you enjoyed the texting, and it was the trill of it - that is why you couldn't or can't stop thinking of him. If you know you are in to him like that, and you have seen with your own eyes that he is not and flirting with others.

    You do not need that, you deserve someone that gives you their full attention.

    Plus, if he really wanted to hang, and he promise to hang with you, he would of done it. That is how guys are.. I respect a man, when they make plans and keep it.

    Move on - You should be no option to anyone - but a priority.

    hope this helps.