Your definition of dating?

So I know what a date is. I'm just seeing what people think the difference between dating and a relationship is. Is dating just not being boyfriend and girlfriend having fun together while seeing other people.(Does it include sex?) Is a relationship when you finally agree with the other person you will not see other people and become a couple while doing all the fun activities you did when you were dating?

Can the other person or myself have sex with other people while dating?


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  • Dating is geting to know each other, deciding if you want a long term relationship, can include sex or not up to the individuals and what their expectations are.


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  • Dating for me is when two people are going out on dates but you are not exclusive and could be dating other people. Dating should not include having sex, though I realize a lot of people will mix that in. I would not want to have sex with a guy without being exclusive. It puts you into the friends with benefits category and I don't want to be with someone who is having sex with multiple partners. Further, a lot of girls can think if you are dating and you are having sex, then you are in a relationship. It can come as a real shock to find out the guy has a whole different take on the subject and was seeing other girls. It's a further surprise when you confront him about this and he says "Well, we aren't in a relationship.".

    A relationship is when you agree to be exclusive and you can call each other boyfriend/girlfriend and you start having sex.