Have you suddenly found a guy/girl more attractive after they start going out with someone?

I've noticed this with my friend who can't stop about this guy who started going out with another girl. Never ever heard about this guy before, but now its all that she talks about. Do you feel like people become attractive once they start going out?

  • Yes. Have observed this.
  • No. Maybe she's just jealous he's happy with someone else.
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  • Nope! I still don't like them.


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  • Never happened to me but I have seen friends being jealous when a friend is "taking away" and they start to think maybe I liked them but I feel they are just missing their friend rather than being really attracted to them.


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  • Yeah, the person gets confident when they get a partner. So other people find that attractive.

    Then you have some people who just hanker after the forbidden fruit. They see girls have an interest in him and want to find out why for themselves.

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