From an abusive person's point of view, why do you want to put your hands on your partner or potential partner?

Please respond anonymously if you'd like because I really want to know.

I'm asking because a guy I talk to but will not commit to me has slapped me once before and tells me when he sees me again he's going to beat my ass. Before he stated this, I had told him I don't want him and to leave me alone.

What do you (gag) think of this?

You guys probably think I'm the craziest person ever but when I very put my hands on my partner I did it out of emotion. I was hurt but I did have strong feelings for the person I hit. Now I'm not perfect and I shouldn't be judged but I know most of you are gonna judge me and that's okay because neither of us are perfect. Please try to be understanding.


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  • I am not a woman beater in any form nor am I tolerant of it period !! I have one question pertaining to him hitting you. Why didn't you have his useless arse locked up for assault?

    • I was in my feelings. I asked him to leave but then he I guess you'd say got in his feelings and he ended up holding me down on the bed and you know one thing led to another. I know that's no excuse but my feelings got the best of me.

    • I have been so mad at certain women that I could bite a rail road spike into and spit out staples but didn't resort ho hitting them. When it comes to that point it's time to walk away

    • Thank you

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  • Have you ever slapped a male?
    The majority of women have slapped or struck a male before, so if you have then you should be able to answer your own question because it's equally abusive.

    Him saying he was going to beat your ass is just a punk ass little boy response to being rejected. But something us girls can openly say to males without being called abusive as well.


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  • i've never laid a violent hand on a human (woman or otherwise)

    but i don't think abusers "want" to put their hands on people. I think it's more a symptom of not being able to control or express their emotions otherwise and so violence is their recourse

    • So you think him wanting to put his hands on me expresses his emotions? Make sense.

    • possibly. now that is no excuse to hurt people but it is the reason why some abusers do it.

      still it's 100% not ok

  • Because people with short ass temper get aggressive when their feefings get hujt.

  • I think you should use the brain you've been given and stay away

  • I'm not like that guy, but I know his kind. These guys don't go on websites looking for opinions or advice cause they don't care. They seriously operate on a more instinctual level or rather they only operate on that level and don't use any common sense. Eventually they kill or injure someone they know, a random person or themselves. Over the years over noticed its often something that they would probably take back if they could like shooting someone on a street corner wth witnesses and no plan to get away. They just get mad and see black. You should stay away. Maybe tell the cops or if you are in school tell the cops and school. Every total psyco on the news was free to roam the streets at some point.


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