What's wrong with him?

Ok. So I met this guy I really liked.

He reached across the table we were sitting at and put his hand on my shoulder, claiming that his arms were longer. I put my hand on his shoulder, and claimed that mine were longer. Was that flirting.. or?

Me: Hi, is this Jake?
Him: Maybe, who's asking?
Me: Ashley!! Haha.
Him: okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Him (again): okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Me: I guess wanted I to say hi?
Him: Ok?
Me: I m glad you're not some sort of creep.
Him: K.

I was sorta hurt by him responding so coldly. But he apologized later.
I went a month without seeing him. And on the first day I saw him again, he literally would not stop staring at me. It was weird..

I continued seeing him and he wouldn't say much. So, I just told him I liked him. And he said he didn't like anyone, but hugged me. In the past, He's said that he didn't want to date anyone and just focus on school. I accepted he didn't like me and started moving on.

But he still stares at me a lot. Even my friends have pointed out how much he stares.


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  • Tread carefully... he sounds like a game player.


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