What should I do?

This guy I used to go out with and I started hanging out again. We cuddle, we kiss, but there is one problem. His best friend is my ex boyfriend. Me and my ex started dating a little after me and this guy stopped going out, so it's all a mess.
So, he won't go any further because he don't want to upset his friend, even though my ex boyfriend isn't speaking to him (but not because he is hanging with me, but because he hates him, that's also another story)

Well, me and this guy are like best friends and we have this great chemestry and I am falling for him again. But I don't know if he sees us as just friends with benefits or if he feels something more?
Should I tell him that I have feelings for him (again) or just let it slide and let us be just friends?


What Guys Said 1

  • If you have something to say, better say it but not in direct way, you can invite him to a coffee or something or write him private message, if you're unsure and scared to do that in front of his eyes.
    If you have feelings for that guy and love him, better do not waste your time, till you lost it completely.
    Anyway the decision is yours and you'll found out what to do :)
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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should open up to him.