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We like each other, a problem is that we don't have time to date. The closest thing we have to that is when we eat in the food court together. She and this guy eat together everyday, and I sort of join in. At this point in time, I always watch them talk and try to join in when I understand what they are saying. In email we talk everyday about what we can do in the future and developing a relationship. In person, she seems like a completely different person, and only talks to me or even looks at me very rarely. It has been two months of this and I don't know what to do. Advice?


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  • Hmmm... this is tough
    it seems like if you have enough time to eat lunch with her everyday, you should invite her somewhere other than the food court. Ask her to join you somewhere casual for lunch where you can have some one on one time with eachother! That's the best way for her to find out if she likes you.

    • I ask her before if she wanted to eat somewhere else, but she insisted that she wanted to her with her friends. She says she likes me, but it doesn't seem we are getting anyway past that for a long while.

    • if this is the case, then you can give her a little time to decide on her feelings, while making subtle hints that you like her. If this doesn't seem to work, then tell her how you feel or try moving on because maybe you weren't meant to be together

    • We already told each other that we like each other.

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