Should I pursue her?

I recently met a young lady who of course I was and still is physically attracted to. She's 24 with one 2 year old son. I'm 27 and don't have kids but I want some one day. But anyway, I found out that she is likes to do pills. Like snort them. She doesn't work and performs sexual favors for them. My friend says she can be a good girl, if I take her out of the environment she currently lives in. My thinking is she will not change and isn't worth the headache. Should I give her a chance or run as fast as I can? I just want to find someone I can build with. Which isn't easy to find...

  • Give her a chance
  • Run
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  • I have no idea what would happen in the end but I agree with the reasoning that she would change if you rescued her. And regardless of what you do she needs rescuing from somebody. Maybe you could pull her out and see what happens. At the very least you would do her and her son a lot of good. The main problem that I see is that she might not feel romantically connected to you or she might feel obligated to pretend she is to get help from you. On the other hand, feelings of love might be fostered and hopefully in the way you want it, but they might be feelings of love for a brother or something. It's a hard decision because you don't want to give up your own happiness for a reward you may never get. Think about it for a couple days and do whatever you think AND feel is best.


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  • This is one of those questions that ultimately results in your choice. if you like her and you can take her out of that scene... i say go ahead.
    I'd say run but that is just being judgmental... so it really is up to you.
    but i see two red flags... she's a druggie and performs sexual acts to be a druggie... not a good combo... its up to you mate.

  • Runn

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