How to get a boy to notice a car girl?

Hi, I'm Jenna. I'm 14, and single. As it says above, I am a car girl. Always have been, always will be. I want a boy who knows his stuff a little bit better than I do. I'm still a newbie, even though cars have been in my blood all my life. Thanks!


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  • Go to car shows, take automotive classes if available, and make it obvious that it is something you are very into. A guy who is also very into it will notice that "hey, there's that girl over there and she likes the same thing I do!"

    • MHG ^ also if your wanting your class mates to know every once in a while "Accidentally" get some grease on your face and when people ask what is on your face just tell them it is from working on your car in the morning.

    • I go to car shows with my dad, and two uncles. But, I'm going to take automotive shop next year.

    • Cool yea being in that class will definitely make them notice that your a car girl. However when you see a guy that you like let him know that your open to date. a lot of the times guys will either think of you as their little sister and try and protect you in those classes.

  • Cars huh?
    Impressed 💁

  • Hi jenna


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