Texting a guy you met at the club?

So last Saturday was my 23rd birthday.
We went to a club in DC with my sister and a bunch of friends and I saw the most gorgeous guy ever, but figured I'm not his type and that he's way too out of my league. My friend and I argued about going over there and meanwhile, my best friend walked to him and said "'my friend thinks you're really" he looked up and asked which one and I ran away because I didn't want him to see me or anything.
30 seconds later my best friend comes out of nowhere and says he wants to talk to me and when I get back , he's even more gorgeous up close.

He asked "why did you run away from me?" And smiled as I turned into a puddle.
From there we just talked until the club closed.
we talked about everything and he seemed comfortable talking to me, after a bit, he said he was going to the bathroom so I turned to his friend and mine who were talking and jokingly said "your friend really isn't that into me"
He replied saying "quite the opposite I think he's really into you because when he's not he typically passes the girl off to me " and laughed.
So he said to go looking for him, but instead I went to look for my group running into him on the way-- so we went back to talking.
He asked for my number and so I put it in his phone and saved it. He then called me until it popped up so I could save it as well, we also exchanged snapchats.

when it was time to go he said it was nice meeting you hugged me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left

It's now Tuesday and he hasn't texted me. Should I text him?


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  • DC is my hometown! Which club did y'all go to? I'm guessing rumors

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    • @apple24 Y'all have a huge Korean food culture in Va

    • Thank you! How's everything going?

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  • WOO! DC! haha Next time invite me okay! lol I live in Virginia but I am like what 1 hour away on lol! hahah Anyway give it sometime.


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  • Give it one more day and then reach out to him if he has not contacted you yet

  • I think you should text him. It can't hurt to try


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