Guys is a girl not interesting anymore if she sleeps with you "too early"?

Let's say you meet a girl and really like her... you go on a date and have great chemistry. On the second or thrid date you iniciate sex and the girl goes with it. Are you disappointed afterwards and she is not interesting/girlfriend material anymore?
Just wondering since I slept with a guy on the third date and now I am wondering if I could have messed up by that. Also on what date do you consider it "ok" to sleep with someone?

I have to add that I have known that guy since 6 years and he was already interested back then. But since I was in a relationship we never went on a date but casually wrote as friends on FB.


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  • I wouldn't lose interest.


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  • Meh men are unpredictable! Who knows!

    • Hahahahaha ;)

    • They complicated creatures. They say they love you and bam the next day you don't know where you are!

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  • No, not a problem at all for me. I lose interest if they *don't* sleep with my by 3rd date max.

  • I would be more interested, not less. It doesn't guarantee a relationship, but great sexual chemistry and her having high drive are big plusses.

    • That is what I thought... why wait when there obviously is a lot of chemistry. Besides that if a guy is just interested in sleeping with you it does not really matter if you do it on the third or fifth date... the outcome will be the same ;)

    • There are guys who would care. I am not one of them. The guys who care are the ones who like hooking up, but think girls who do are sluts who they wouldn't get serious with.

      I can't imagine why you'd want to be in a relationship with a guy who was so judgmental about you having the same sexual desires as him.

    • I am not saying that it is like that... and obviously if he would jude me for doing it I would not be interested in having a relationship with him. My point was that there are guys that just want to hook up with you, but if that is their intention they stop calling you weather you slept with them on the third, fifth or seventh date. Not saying that this is my situation though. He is still writing and putting an effort into seeing me.

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