Extrovert going for an introvert?

I like this guy who is an introvert and I'm an extrovert except when it comes to guys. Extrovert guy have always like me and I always seem to like them but this guy is different to me , I really want to talk to him but when I try I feel like chicken little and I give up I had the perfect chance to talk to him and I blow it , I waited until he left the register so I can go pay. I have caught him looking at me but I'm afraid he won't talk to me.


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  • what you have is commonly known as "approach anxiety" or "fear of rejection" which is completely normal of course. There are several ways to beat these, through paradigm shifts etc.

    one thing I'll say to you is that there is literally nothing to lose by talking to him, I know this may sound cliché or whatever but it's true: if you talk to him you'll have a chance with someone you like. And even if he rejects you, which I don't think you have to worry about, at least you'll have that out of the way, no more what ifs.

    You see, you can't lose something you don't have, so talking to him can only really result in you gaining something.

    Also realize that catching an introvert looking at you is like the biggest sign of interest they'll give out lol.

    So yeah try to talk to him for a bit and see what he's like. Forgive yourself for not going up and talking to him earlier but realize that you probably don't have forever. Just try to work up the courage to do it, because honestly a woman approaching a man will make his day no matter what. We love it. Just be yourself and see what happens. He'll probably see you as high-value and cool/courageous for having the guts to make the first move. Good luck soldier :)

    • Thank you that is such a nice thing to write I hope you find someone too they will be very lucky to have you.

  • There are degrees of introversion. Not all introverts are shy or inhibited, some can strike a conversation quite nicely. In your particular situation, I'd advice you to take the plunge and initiate. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you. He works at a bookstore so I guess I can make myself look stupid for a day and pretend I don't know where a book is.

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    • Does he know you know B&N like the palm of your hand? If he doesn't, then what's the problem? If he does, it would be more than a hint that you're asking him because you 're interested in him. I wouldn't overthink it too much, just do it. :)

    • I always go there a least twice a week to buy and read my books.

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  • If you are attractive, odds are he will respond to you and he will be glad you talked to him.